Large Library of Existing Profiles

Exclusive custom profiles are made to your requirements, but in addition to our custom tooling services, we house a massive library of profiles open to all. You can choose from hundreds of existing profiles. Using existing tooling is ideal when a fast turnaround is needed. It also costs less as the tooling exists.

New Tooling / Custom Profiling

We can provide tooling to produce custom shapes, mouldings and profiles on any dressed timber that is totally unique to you and your requirements. This includes DAR, pencil round, flooring, skirting, architraves, claddings, any machined profile. We can also replicate old products, ensuring that renovation projects are finished to perfection.

Straight Line & Multi Ripping services

We have the ability to straighten timber to a set width either one or multiple out.

Flooring/Cladding & End matching

Cladding & flooring is our speciality either square end docked or end matched profile we machine varying width and thickness to meet your specific needs.


We can sand any timber products as required. Our machines will sand bench tops and tables in minutes.


Laminating is available for both new and recycled timber. We glue table tops, bar tops, shelves, or boards to suit your requirements. The facility allows us to laminate specific jobs up to 7m long and 1.2 m wide.

Material Grading, Fault and Precision docking

We’re experts in timber. We can grade to your specific requirements, matching specific requests for specifications to a custom grade.
We can provide a fault and precision docking service to meet your needs, product or length requirements.

Factory Coating & Pre Coating

We offer coating for timber products including pre-oiling for external applications like decking, cladding, and batons or fence screening.
We coat in both naturals and colours, selecting from a variety of products to suit the application and project. We have the expertise to determine the right coating, and we work closely with the technical coating representatives from the leading coating companies and suppliers.


Timber Charring services are available to your required level of char. The ancient art of Shou Shugi Ban uses a flame to blacken the timber to varying depths.


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